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there are endless rewards with digital marketing. without a strong online presence it is hard to stay competitive in today's market.


Marketing Campaign Management

- Research & Analysis market and how to optimize profile

- Identify keywords that have the highest opportunity to attract customers

- Improve performance of conversations

- Adjust marketing strategies 

- Report monthly

keeping up with technology and social media can be overwheling. save yourself the headache and let us handle that for you! 

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Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.)


We use Google Ads, Google Analytics, Gmail and social media to advertise your business/products to thousands of potential customers.

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Our S.E.O strategy is strongly based on the Purchaser's Funnel philosophy. We identify where your customers' are in The Purchaser's Funnel. Then, we aim to guide them to a conversion.

Purchaser's funnel definition: "A consumer focused marketing model which illustrates the theoretical customer journey towards the purchase of a good or service."


​In this step my team will plan the best course of action to reach our clients marketing goals. Then, construct, and present a layout of are S.E.O. campaign; for clarity on your investment.

  • Identify keywords that have the highest opportunity to attract customers

  • What kind of search queries are popular in your location​​

  • Implement social media to increase brand awareness

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Paid Per Click (P.P.C.) advertising increases awareness to your website, social media, storefront or product.


1.Online Subscribers 2.Form submissions

3.Online Purchases 4.Website Traffic 5.Downloads 6.Views

  • Paid Per Click (P.P.C.) portfolio management

  • Bi-weekly reporting of results.


Studies show 80% of all sales occur after a customer has an average of 5 points of contact with a brand or product before a purchase is made.

  • Our customer segmentation strategy is designed to send the right message to specific customers.

  • Exposing your product constantly to your customers builds brand loyalty.

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Analyze & Refine

We make data driven decisions to constantly re-fine your online marketing campaign.

  • As more data is collected we will be able to better adjust marketing perimeters to optimize you're investment.

Why is Online Branding Important?

Studies show that people are spending more time online than watching T.V. 

There is 63,000 thousand google searches per second everyday. Thanks to Technology, the consumer has the power to inform themselves on every product or service in the market; with one tool that fits in the palm of there hands.  This is why businesses should embrace this trend, and care about how they present themselves online!

  • The Internet Innovation Alliance that 217 million Americans owned a smartphone in 2017. At this rate it is speculated to rise to 270 million by 2020, (approx. 80% of the US population in 2020).

  • reported in 2018, on average US adults spend 3 hours and 43 minutes on mobile devices. Which is 7 minutes more than than the average time spent on T.V.

Both of these statistics predict that mobile phones, and online entertainment such as: social media, streaming channels, news, and applications will only grow in popularity. This shift to using smartphones as a source of entertainment has made online branding even more vital to any business to stay relevant with today's market.