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6 Psychology-Based Tips to Boost Your Sales

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

What can your business do to get inside the minds of your shoppers and drive sales?



These six tips are important to remember when advertising to your audience. Evoking emotion over intellect is the most important in my opinion. Antonio Damasio's research emphasizes how important it is to advertise the experience a product or business has to offer for the customer. Advertising the utility of a product is essential, but advertising the feeling of a product builds brand loyalty. As every market becomes inflated with competition who are advertising similar products. One way to distinct your brand from the competition is by developing an emotional connection to your audience.

Social proof is becoming a bigger and bigger factor to consumers when they are choosing how to spend there money. The majority of adult people have smartphones capable of researching the reviews about almost any organization or business. Google often times provides reviews when you do a word search of businesses or locations on desktops. It is important for a business to know what there consumers are saying about there business.

FOMO or "Fear Of Missing Out" is a great tactic to motivate consumers to buy your product during a sale. This method could be used in any market. If you have a sale, you must incorporate FOMO to motivate your consumers to purchase your product. This could be stating how: "this is the biggest sale of the year", or "once there gone the sale is over" . This will push buyers to override there conservative thoughts and purchase your product.

The Goldilocks effect could be seen in a lot of different marketplaces. The biggest example would be the product placement at supermarkets. The most expensive brand products are usually placed in the top shelves. the cheapest brand products are usually on the lower shelves. the middle shelves are reserved for the middle grade or the most popular product. they are placed there, because they expect the majority of consumers to select the middle grade product the most out of the three varieties of the same product.

Reprocity is a great way to get a new customer to return for a secondary purchase. This tactic can be used by offering a five percent coupon for a good review. This would benefit you business in two ways. A good review will attract more customers when they research your business, and the coupon will entice your customer to return to your establishment to redeem there discount.

BY: Daniel Gonzalez


- Evoke emotion over intellect.

- Show social proof.

- Create a "fear of missing out."

- Use reciprocity.

- Use the Goldilocks effect.

- Over to you.

BY: Syed Balkhi (Entrepreneur, Growth Hacker and Marketer )

November 5, 2018

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