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The 5 Biggest Mistakes Businesses Make on Instagram

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Instagram is a valuable channel for most businesses, unless you're making these common mistakes.



I completely agree with Hugh Stephens in his article's 5 bullet points. Instagram is a huge media platform that has an enormous potential for sales for any business. Your Instagram feed, and posts can be a portal for potential customers to explore what you have to offer. Brick & mortar businesses who don't have the capability for online sales can still profit from having a strong Instagram following. these businesses can display there products or there services through Instagram posts. Enabling followers to shop online through your profile, and pre-selecting there desires from your business.

Instagram posts and stories are an easy, free, and effective way to advertise your business. Although, it's important to avoid over-advertising on Instagram as well, just like Hughes suggested it's important to stay appealing to your audience. The big key factor is portraying your business' persona through Instagram. Giving your business a persona is the key to interacting with followers, and driving sales through Instagram. Give your followers, and customers the inside look of your business to make them feel like they are connecting with your business. This connection builds brand loyalty from customers. give your audience content to look forward to seeing on their Instagram feed. For example, show some employees having fun on the job, or give a special shout-out to an employee for there birthday. these moments give your business' Intagram profile more appealing to viewers, and will entice people to return to your business. The bigger the following you have, the bigger of an audience you'll have to showcase your business to potential customers.

Instagram can be used to conveniently engage your customers. for example, if you owned a local restaurant. the Instagram story feature can be used to upload weekly specials, temporary menu items, and showcasing your amazing food. Instagram could also be used to ask your followers for comments for improvement, personal reviews, and pictures of your delectable food. Instagram has the ability to generate sales for any business or product.

BY: Daniel Gonzalez (Studio 414)


Instagram has now surpassed the 1 billion user mark so it has undoubtedly become a crucial marketing channel for businesses to consider. But, while some businesses are nailing it and driving significant sales through Instagram, others are floundering and scratching their heads wondering why it's not working.

- Your feed isn't shoppable.

- You've got too many steps to conversion.

- You bought fake followers.

- You make it all about the sales.

- You don't use Instagram Stories enough.

BY: Hugh Stephens (CEO and Founder of

December 14, 2018

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